Teaching newborns to swim

Babies always seem to love the water, after spending 9 months in the womb it's only natural, and the pool is always a fun place to bring kids too.

As parents know though, you always have to be careful when around water with children, especially if they can't swim.

When it comes to swimming the earlier someone learns the better, so why not start right after they are born!

Anton was joined this morning by Therese McNally who runs Water Babies in Dublin, a franchise which teaches babies as young as 5 days old the potentially life-saving skill of surviving in water.

Father of two, Martin McLoughlin whose 9 week old son Alfie is the youngest water baby in the country, also spoke to Anton about the class.

Martin told Anton that both of his kids are water babies and the class may have even helped save his daughter Mia's life when she fell into the deep end of a swimming pool in Tenerife.

To find out more about the Water Babies classes check out their website via the link below: