World Champion Rob Heffernan joined Ray in studio today to talk about his big win

Just over a month since taking the gold medal in the 50km walk at the World Championships in Moscow, a very dapper Rob chatted to Ray in studio today about his win, the homecoming, and his new association with Lloyds Pharmacies. He even brought his shiny gold medal into studio with him.

Rob joked that because he’s recognised everywhere in Cork now he tends to stay at home: “Because I’m recognised everywhere in Cork I can’t go out…all the elements are against me to go bananas. So I ended up cleaning the house and doing the stairs and the attic and power washing everything so the house is very tidy if you want to call over for a cup of tea!”

He credited his wife Marian for all the work that she does for him. The couple are looking forward to welcoming a new baby, their third child, early next year.

Talking about keeping positive at all times during a race, Rob said: “You have to be positive, and you have to have faith in the work that you’ve done…you pull from everything, you pull from all of the experiences that you’ve had”.

He also admitted that the coverage has been huge, especially with social media these days: “it’s bananas”

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