"Who are these people?"

The jungle is back, Ant is back, but most importantly, Vincent is back!!

With the latest edition of I'm A Celebrity hitting our screens at the weekend, we wanted somebody articulate to come on air and give us their reaction. We also wanted it to be someone who has never seen the show before, so as to have a unique perspective.

Articulate? Unique? Of course Vincent Browne was the first person that sprang to mind. He has some spare time on his hands at the minute, so he was only 'happy' to do it.

Though it seems he's more confused now then he was before he watched it, "what is their function in society?". He labels them all as a shower of "buffoons", as the Z-listers are merely "someone who used to be someone", if even that.

The good old kangaroo anus is the butt of a few jokes, while Vincent thinks some of the other Bushtucker Trials would have been ideal whilst hosting his Tonight show.

Listen to the full review here:

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