Madonna Turns 60 and Ed Smith wants your requests

Madonna the queen of pop is turning 60. To celebrate on Lost in Music with Ed Smith, he wants to hear from you. 

We want your favourite Madonna songs, well your top 3 to be precise. 

Ed Smith was mulling it over in the office and he has settled on this amazing trio from the Birthday Woman. 

See Ed's picks below, and in the meantime, send us a voice note on whataspp 0874100102 telling us what songs you want to hear on Thursday's show. 

Madonna Like a Prayer from her 1989 album of the same name. 

DJs who play this as their last song are legends. 

Vogue, you couldn't really have a top three and not include this. 

released in 1990 at arguably the peak of Madonna's pop power. The video and song is an ode to the dance movement started in New York's underground gay scene. 

Lastly this utterly amazing track 'Frozen' from 1998's 'Ray Of Light' album.