Ed Smith is finding out on Lost in Music

We decided to take a look at the greatest one hit wonders on Lost in Music. 

Ed Smith is getting mountains of suggestions for tunes. Keep them coming. We will compile a show spotify playlist. 

In the meantime check these out and thanks to our listeners for the suggestions. 

Like these! 

The Bravery Honest Mistake 

Or what about this?!  

Ed,There is only , chesney hawkes I am the one and only Steven Kildare

 Hi Ed, here’s a one hit wonder. Any chance of Boomtown by David and David. If not something old by Van or Beverly Penn by the Waterboys. Cheers, Mo.


Violent Femmes. Blister on the Sun   Thanks Ed

What about CA PLANE POUR MOI by Plastic Bertrand or OK FRED by Erroll Dunkley. Paul Tibbles Ballivor


My one hit wonder is White town, Your woman 👌Great tune back in the day



Ed, how about Babybird - You’re Gorgeous .... Jamie, limerick