This Week We're Looking Back At Prince Through The Ages

This week on Lost In Music, Claire Beck will be turning up the purple and taking a look back at some of the many iconic Prince moments throughout his funk-filled career.

Here is but a few moments, where the pop world went totally Prince.

When He Stormed The Stage With James Brown and Michael Jackson..

One of YouTube's very first uploads, check out this moment where James Brown spots both Jacko and and Prince in the crowd at his gig at The Beverly Theatre in 1983 and pulls them on stage. Prince teased James Brown, before ascending to the stage on his bodyguards back. Now that's how you make an entrance!

From his speech to his glittery gettup, in 1985 Prince won an Oscar for Best Original Song Score for Purple Rain.

Because He'll Forever Remain A Fashion Icon

With all his couture moments and fashion flairs, who can forget Prince's assless pants at the 1991 MTV VMA's...

Because No One Knew He Was An Elite Ping-Pong Player

After his untimely death, Jimmy Fallon recalled the first and only time he met him. Turns out Prince was quite the ping-pong player and totally demolished Jimmy at Susan Sarandon's ping pong parlour in New York.