Our favourite adventurer is at it again!

Mike and Clare O’Leary are going to Greenland! They’ll cross the Greenland Icecap from West to East over 25 days.

It’s the largest ice mass outside of Antarctica, and their journey is just under 600km and gaining a maximum altitude of 2500m. Temperatures will be as low as -30 and as high as +10, but Greenland is known for their storms so winds and colds will be the issue.

It’ll kick off on the 30th of April-first they’ll fly to Copenhagen then on to Kangerlussuaq in Western Greenland where they will meet the 4 other international members of the team.

The other members of the team hail from the UK, USA and Norway and the team will meet up to finalise preparing their equipment and food.

The Ice Cap is extremely difficult to access! So they’ll have to take about 3-7 days on foot-before they take to ski’s to continue with the journey.

Unusually, this trip will also use dogs!  Mike says this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to use a dog team...they’re never used for long exhibitions anymore. 

Mike joined Anton this morning to chat about the trip, surviving in the cold temperatures and his recent work on Carrantuohill.

The team will stay in contact with their base back in Ireland on a daily basis throughout the expedition , with daily blogs and updates on their website and Facebook. 

We're wishing Mike and Clare all the best and looking forward to seeing them when they get home!