He resigned in the Dail this afternoon

Denis Naughten has resigned from his post as Minister for communications.

Naughten made the announcement in the Dail shortly after 3pm this afternoon.

Denis Naughten has been under pressure to explain his contacts with David McCourt, a business man part of a consortium bidding for the tender for the National Broadband Plan.


In a defiant speech he said there was no interference in the procurement process and he criticised the media and the opposition for what he called loose language and irresponsible politics.

Denis Naughten said he was left in an impossible stark position that a politician never wants to find himself in.

Naughten said the outcome "is more about opinion polls than telecom poles".

"As Minister I have to meet investors whether in telecoms or energy sector. That is the context with which I had meetings with Mr. McCourt and that's the way it should be seen".

He said he hopes the NBP process is allowed reach it's conclusion over the next few weeks for the 1.1 million people in rural Ireland who need the infrastructure more than ever.

Naughten closed by saying his actios were taken solely in the interest of bringing high speed broadband to every citizen in the country and no other reason.