The children are aged from 11 to one

A homeless woman who spent the night in a Garda station with six of her children, says she feels disgusted she cannot do more for them.

Margaret Cash was referred to Tallaght Garda station after they couldn't find emergency accommodation.

Photos show the mum and her kids - aged 1 to 11 - sprawled across metal chairs in the waiting room.


Members of An Garda Síochána tried all the emergency lines, as well as number of local hotels.

But no accommodation was found.

The family were cared for during the night and received a hot breakfast this morning in the garda station.

The family left the station and went to South Dublin County Council's Housing Department.

Anthony Flynn is from Inner City Helping Homeless.

"The mother of a family last night posted pictures herself from Tallaght garda station with herself and the family of seven that were actually refereed to Tallaght garda station last night - alongside that of eight other families last night, referred to garda stations because of a lack of accommodation within the city.

"Two of those families managed to be accommodated after 10 o'clock last night".

The Dublin Region Homeless Executive says there was a record number of families presenting out of hours last night looking for emergency accommodation.