That's a life-changing amount of money

We just love giving away stuff here at Today FM.

We especially love giving away massive amounts of cash that can help change our listener's lives.

Which is why we wanted to give away ANOTHER €20,000 not so long after we gave away this €20,000.

So all this week we've been giving out key lyrics to our 20K Mystery Play, one lyric at a time, and when we gave the cue to call, the phone lines lit up with people trying to get through with their guess.

Then, this afternoon, Luke Crinnigan from Tullamore got through with the correct answer and he gets a whopping €20,000 for guessing the correct song, which was, Nervous by Gavin James!

The mystery lyric that was wrecking everyone's head was, 'And just like every song I haven't heard yet no I didn't know the words in front of me.'

Congrats to our 20K Mystery Play winner and stay tuned to Today FM for more chances to win big!