Declan Pierce: “I decided I would use my show to do something good”

Today FM presenter and DJ Declan Pierce today released ‘Higher’, an Irish dance track which was created for an incredible cause and comes with a very emotional story.

The single was produced alongside Dublin based DJ/Producer RobbieG and has been released to raise funds for Arc Cancer Support Centres and has rocketed through the Irish iTunes charts in just hours. 

ARC is an Irish charity which provides a wide range of free services aimed to help those who have been affected by cancer. With drop-in centres around the country Arc Cancer Support offers complementary therapy and counselling to those seeking help.

Speaking about the release of ‘Higher’ and the journey during this project an emotional Declan Pierce said:

“There are two sides of this song, a happy side and a sad side. The inspiration for it came from tragic circumstances about a year ago when my wife’s dad, Bill, sadly passed away with stomach cancer on the 26th of November. I saw the impact cancer had on her family and how incredible the staff at Arc Cancer Support was in supporting everyone. They really were and are such an amazing help.”

Bill passing away was around the same time that I got my radio show on Today FM (Block Rockin’ Beats) and I decided that I would try to use this new show as a way to do something good. I started working on this project to create and release this track so that we could raise money for Arc Cancer Support.”

“I sat on it for a couple of weeks because I was so nervous about releasing it but seeing what a huge reaction it has got today has been amazing. What’s great about it being online is that it will always be there so once people like it, and buy it – money will continue going to the charity. The more successful it is, the more is raised.” 

The track which takes inspiration from the 90s dance track ‘SPQR- Hypnotic State’ features vocals from fellow Today FM presenter Tara Harrison. 

RobbieG says he was thrilled to come on board, “I’ve been producing a long time and along the years of making music whenever I had a chance to do something for a good cause I jumped on it, when Declan came to me with the opportunity to work on “Higher” with him and told me the reason why he started the project I thought it was a great idea.”

The single is now available to download on iTunes and Apple Music. To download the track you can go HERE.