Women Crush Wednesday Special Show All About Ms Monae

Shelly Gray is in for Louise Duffy all week and we are going to dedicate Women Crush Wednesday to Janelle Monae, we will be playing tracks from her new album 'Dirty Computer' as well as tracks from each of her previous albums, 'The Electric Lady' and 2010s  'The ArchAndroid'.

We have 3 copies of the album to be won too! 

This radio producer thinks 'Dirty Computer' is the pop album of 2018. Genre shifting, lyrically compelling, the album as a body of work is immense. In an era of disposable music Janelle Monae is a much sought after artist, bringing visibility to the queer margins and beyond. 

Do yourself a favour and take 48 minutes to watch the visual album. 

Join Shelly at 7pm #LostInMusic