Check Out this Hot Hip Hop Duo from Kildare

Tebi Rex are Matt O' Baoill and Maz Zanga from Kildare, who have a serious nack for quirky catchy hip hop sounds. 

The duo have been making music for the past 3 years and are part of The Word Up Collective stable which houses, Super Silly, Feli Speaks, Sequence and more. 

Chosen as our Play Irish Artist of the week, Louise Duffy and the team love their catchy new track 'Men are Trash'. Which isn't what it seems. 

This is what their bio says about the track; Lead single 'Men Are Trash' is both satirical and critical commentary on 'guy culture’ and everyday sexism. With the world quickly plunging into an ever extending pit of chaos, the boys have decided to join the fray. They’re taking on sexism, society and another quippy ‘S’ word of your choosing, reversing the odd hip-hop stereotype along the way. It sets the tone for an EP that finds Tebi Rex pushing their creative boundaries.

They are releasing their new EP at the end of January and the single is out on 28th January. They play The Workmans Dublin on March 10th. 

You can hear 'Men are Trash' on Lost in Music with Louise Duffy 7pm Weeknights.