Lost in Music's Play Irish Artist 2018 list

The Irish music scene has been the topic of conversation for quite sometime, with an ever increasing selection of music that is being exported across the World. We have amazing festivals, live music venues and an appetite for supporting our own.

Industry showcases such as  Hard Working Class Heroes bring new talent to the fore. Beautiful Sonic Seekers  Other Voices give Irish artists in particular a visual presence and of course by being selected to be a part of the festival, an added merit. 

Radio plays a major part in helping bands get noticed, music being downloaded and gig tickets being bought. We are very lucky on Lost in Music as we have the opportunity to play brand new Irish music and brand new Irish artists. The Power of radio is pretty phenomenal! 

It would seem a bit mad not to point to all the amazing songs and artists we have featured so far this year. So here you go! Plug your headphones in and press play, follow the playlist to keep up with all the shows top picks as Play Irish Artist of 2018. 

Lost in Music with Ed Smith Weeknights 7pm.