Think of all that dosh!

Here at Today FM we're all about the giving.

We love sending you to the best gigs, we love sending you on the most incredible trips and we also love to line your pockets with cold, hard cash.

If you can crack our 20K Mystery Play, you will be €20,000 better off, and it couldn't be easier to do.

All you have to do is do is guess the Mystery Song, but here’s the catch: we’re only giving out one word at a time, across the week.

Tune into Today FM all week where we be revealing the lyrics from a well known song.

It could be in any show, at any time.

Collect the lyrics and when you’ve guessed the song give us a call!

The first person to get through with the correct song title wins a whopping twenty grand.

Stay listening to win in ‘The 20K Mystery play’ on Today FM and fear not, if you miss a word you can listen back on and keep an eye on our Instagram account for some cheeky hints and extra clues.