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To celebrate Metallica coming to Slane in 2019 we decided to take a walk down Slane Memory Lane on the show.

Ed Smith and myself were chatting about our fave Slane moments and want to hear from you, contact the show via whatsApp on 0874100102 or tweet @edsongsofpraise. 

Do you remember when Robbie Williams stole the show from The Verve in 1998?

I do! I was attending my first ever outdoor gig and was fully prepared to experience everything with my big emotional teenage heart. I wasn't too bothered by Robbie Williams if I am honest! But I fully intended to lose my voice singing my heart out to 'The Drugs Don't Work', so when Robbie took to the stage to the sounds of 'Let Me Entertain You', I surprised myself by literally walking zombie like to the front of the stage.

In the space of 30 seconds, Robbie had the entire 80,000 crowd in the palm of his hand. It was no surprise that he headlined Slane the following year. Ed and I just got goosebumps at this moment from Robbie Williams return to Slane in 2000. 

Ed Smith remembers U2 in 2001, his girlfriend at the time had moved back to Australia so to take his mind off it all he headed to Slane. When U2 played 'One', Ed and his best friend who had also recently become single, burst into tears, it was all too much for their broken hearts. 

David Bowie appeared at the legendary venue in 1987, this interview with Marty Whelan is well worth a look, not least because David Bowie keeps on waving hi to the crowd.  

Oasis were no stranger to Slane by the time they headlined in 2009, they had supported REM in 1995 and again some might say, they too blew the crowd away. 

But in 2009 they were just two months shy of disbanding. The crowd sensed all wasn't well, or maybe that was just me. The banter between Noel and Liam non existent. However when Noel played his solo songs, the energy was tremendous.  Check this out. 

Come rain or sunshine Slane is always a special place, one that brings old and young together to celebrate music. We have a feeling the goosebump moment of 2019 will be when Metallica do their version of Thin Lizzy classic 'Whiskey In The Jar'. 


Here is a playlist of Slane memories from Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, REM and so many more.