Billy roll and potato waffles anyone?!

You can still hear your mam shouting "DINNER'S READY" from the bottom of the stairs.

Down you go, elbowing your siblings out of the way, only to find that dinner was in fact another 15 minutes away but she just needed someone to set the table. 


She was also a dab hand at a baked bean dinner. Here are the iconic food combinations that were a staple of any Irish childhood. 

Smiley Faces

The introduction of the Deep Fat Fryer into our homes is just as monumental as Riverdance at the Eurovision in 1994. Only Riverdance didn't come with a lump of baked beans and fish fingers on the side. Yum.

The weekend fry-up

You looked forward to this just as much as the Tom & Jerry cartoons on a Saturday morning. There was an extra special fry-up as well when the local hurling team made it to the county final. You wouldn't eat again until tea time!

Fish Fridays

No homework and a full two days away from the shackles of Mrs Maloney. What could be better? Oh yes - when dad landed home with the Friday chipper. You smelt like vinegar until Monday morning but it was so worth it. 

The Sunday Roast

Beef, chicken, pork.. It didn't matter. It was equally mouth-watering especially when accompanied with lashings of gravy and about four different types of potato. Solid!

Washed down with some jelly and ice-cream

Sure the weekend wouldn't be the same without it? Sometimes if your mam was feeling *extra* fancy, she'd dig out the Vienetta ice-cream from the freezer. What a treat!


Going old school #jellyandicecream

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Billy roll in your sandwich

What'll make the kids eat their sandwiches? Let's stick some terrifying faces on it! Billy roll was a joy and you resented your mam when she didn't buy it on the weekly shop. How could she??

Rich teas and butter

We can't explain why this works but it just does and it was a solid Sunday evening treat while watching Glenroe and pretending you didn't have homework due for the following morning.

Now where still sells Billy Roll? Asking for a friend.

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