The bars are part of a collection belonging to a British solider

Century-old chocolate is going under the hammer in the UK.

The Cadbury bars were discovered among mementos of British soldier Richard Bullimore, who fought in First World War.

The Bullimore collection | Image: © CJM Asset Management

The Colonies Gift Tins, which were sent to troops serving in the trenches in France, were found to have almost all of its chocolate still inside.

Just one bar had been eaten.


The solider also received a Princess Mary tobacco gift box containing cigarettes, tobacco and matches.

Almost all of the contents of that are still there, with just three cigarettes missing.

Image: © CJM Asset Management

Paul Cooper of Eddisons CJM auctioneers said: "The chocolate actually looks in pretty good shape, although I have to admit that I wouldn’t be tempted to give it a go, even if the experts say that actually chocolate seldom becomes really dangerous over time, but it does lose its flavour and texture.

"I think they probably did not have century-old bars of the stuff in mind".