The national Crime Victims Helpline saw a 10% increase in calls

The national Crime Victims Helpline saw a 150% increase in calls for domestic violence last year.

Overall, the service saw a 10% increase in calls in 2017.

The number of people contacting it due to rape or sexual assault also more than doubled.

The most common crimes users reported were assault (31%), harassment (24%) and burglary (12%).

Executive director Michele Puckhaber said: "The Crime Victims Helpline is a safe space to talk, ask questions, and explore options not only for victims, but anyone who has been impacted by crime. Nobody should suffer alone or in silence."

On the increase, she said: "We think a number of factors contributed to this change, such as the #MeToo movement and Cosc's domestic violence awareness campaign, and it highlights how important it is that services work together.

"There is no wrong door for seeking help. After providing initial support and information we are able to then direct people to organisations that provide specialist services such as Women’s Aid; Rape Crisis Centre; or One in Four."