Iran's conservative laws restrict women from dancing

A teenager in Iran has been arrested after posting videos of herself dancing on Instagram.

Maedeh Hojabri has appeared on state TV to admit breaking moral norms - but it's not clear if she chose to confess or whether her statement was made under duress.

The 18 year old had amassed a huge following on social media after she had posted about 300 videos  many of which showed her dancing in both Western and Iranian styles.

There are numerous unverified accounts associated with the teenagers name featuring videos of her dancing:


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Twitter and Facebook have been banned in Iran since 2009, although many Iranians still find ways to use them.  

It now looks like Iranian authorities and the judiciary are planning to shut down access to Instagram.

Arab News is reporting that in  2014 authorities sentenced six young men and women to suspended prison terms after they appeared in a video dancing to Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy.”