A gunman opened fire at a video game tournament

A gunman's opened fire at an online video game tournament in Florida that was being live-streamed, killing two people.

Police in Jacksonville say the suspect, who police believe to be 24-year-old David Katz from Baltimore, Maryland, died after turning the gun on himself.

Nine others were injured by gunfire in the attack at a shopping centre - they're now in a stable condition.

A man on a bicycle is escorted away by police officers after he wandered into a crime scene near a mass shooting at Jacksonville Landing in Jacksonville, Fla., Sunday, Aug. 26,…

Gunshots were heard as gamers live-streamed a regional qualifier for a new football video game, Madden NFL 19.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said they believed the suspect travelled from Maryland and had stayed in a hotel the night before.

Police say the motive is still unclear, and it is unknown if the victims were known to the suspect.