The highest number ever

The ISPCA received almost 16 thousand calls last year in relation to animal cruelty.

That led to over 3 thousand investigations, and the seizure or surrender of over 12 hundred animals in 2017.

The ISPCA's annual report says a record 21 cases were successfully brought to court last year, the highest number ever.

Last year, two people were jailed for the first time under the Animal Health and Welfare Act, one man beat his dog to death, while another didn't bring his dog to the vet with severe injuries to its jaw.

CEO of the ISPCA, Dr. Andrew Kelly says 'another dog was so badly neglected, covered in mud and faeces, that vets couldn't tell what breed it was until they shaved off all of its fur'.

But despite the increase in prosecutions, the ISPCA says it could do more with further resources.

There are only 9 animal welfare inspectors in Ireland, covering just 17 counties.

The ISPCA is calling on the government for more funding so they can recruit more people and cover the whole country.