A major rescue to get 13 people out in the middle of monsoon rain is underway

The Thai cave rescue has been suspended for the night.

Officials have confirmed four of the trapped schoolboys have been freed and taken to hospital.

However they will need up to 20 hours to allow the rescue team to get ready for the next phase.

The head of the rescue operation says 90 divers are involved.

The rescue effort to free the children began early this morning - a fortnight after they got stuck.

They're each being brought out by two divers.

The group of 12 children has been stuck for a fortnight along with their football coach.

Two ambulances have been seen leaving the site and a witness says they've now been transferred by helicopter to hospital in Chiang Rai.

The dangerous mission to get the 12 boys and their coach out through narrow, water-filled tunnels began this morning at around 4 o'clock after media were cleared from the site.


Torrential rain's falling causing water levels within the caves system to rise.

Sky's Alex Rossi, who's in Chiang Rei  says it's not been an easy escape route.

"We think that they managed to get through the flooded parts, the bits of course that they would have to swim through and dive through - none of them could actually swim very well - none of them it goes without saying have dived. They then had to walk through the chambers of the caves."

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has tweeted his support for the rescue effort