1 in 5 people still haven't made up their made ahead of the referendum that's expected in May

A third of people think the government's proposals on abortion go too far.

A new poll for the Sunday Independent shows about 4 in 10 people reckon the Oireachtas Committee proposals are about right.


About four in 10 people say the proposals to allow abortion without restriction for up to 12 weeks into the pregnancy are about right.

A third of people believe that they go too far.

While a substantial minority, about one in five people, still haven't made up their mind.

The Sunday Independent Kantar Millward Brown poll asked about a number of scenarios.

A majority of people believe abortion is acceptable in cases of rape, where there's a threat of suicide, when there's a medical risk to the mother's life, when there's a risk to the mother's long term health, and in cases of fatal foetal abnormality.

But fewer than three in ten people support abortion for other reasons, with 44 per cent opposed and one in five saying it depends on the scenario