Lower prices were a big reason for going online

Four out of every five Irish people are planning on shopping online this Christmas.

A new study by Virgin Media has also revealed that women are more likely than men to do their shopping over the internet.

Over 1,000 Irish consumers on their Christmas shopping habits in the run up to the festive season.

Almost a third of people said lower prices led to them going online.

But not all people who intended to shop online actually follow through on their purchase.

Around 37% said a slow website has caused them to give up on buying something.

Meanwhile, 28% of participants said that they gave up purchasing something online because the site wasn’t mobile-friendly.

The good news for traditional retailers is that 22.3% of those surveyed said they plan to stick to tradition and do their shopping on the high street.

If you want some tips for gift-giving this festive season, just over half of people said they plan on giving gift vouchers for xmas.