Meanwhile, Simon Harris is bringing a Bill to Cabinet that he hopes will help medics learn from their mistakes

New figures show the number of women affected by the Cervical Check scandal has risen to 221.

Health officials confirmed the new number while appearing before the Public Accounts Committee this morning.

It's also been revealed that a review of more than 3,000 cancer tests has yet to begin, and won't be finished in time to help the Scally Inquiry into the scandal.

Meanwhile, the Health Minister is bringing a new Bill to Cabinet today that he hopes will help medics learn from their mistakes.

Politicians will be shown the general scheme of the Patient Safety Bill - it ensures that anyone affected by a problem with their treatment is told about it.

The proposed law will make reporting of mistakes mandatory.

It follows the Cervical Check scandal where women weren't informed of errors reading their test results.

The State Agency Claims another 9 legal actions are being taken over the incident - bringing the total number of claims to 28.