It includes 29,518 units of anabolic steroids

Almost 90,000 units of illegal prescription medicines were seized in Ireland this month.

The Interpol operation, led here by the Health Products Regulatory Authority, Revenue and Gardaí, took place during an operation which lasted one week.

The illegal prescription medications are valued at over €375,000.

It forms part of a seizure of over 10 million dosage units across 60 countries.

Here's the breakdown of what the 90,000 medicines seized were:

  • Anabolic steroids - 29,518 units
  • Sedatives - 25,241 units
  • Analgesics - 5,477 units    
  • Erectile dysfunction - 5,700 units
  • Other (small quantities) - 14,009 units

Meanwhile, Gardai and Revenue officials say they've detected nearly 400,000 dosage units of illegal medicines valued at €1.39 million which have been coming in and out of Ireland online, including through social media.

This resulted in 14 social media pages and 10 e-commerce advertisements being taken offline.

56 websites were also investigated to force them to either close or stop selling medicines into Ireland.