TDs voted by 110 to 32 to progress the bill

The abortion referendum bill has passed all stages in the Dáil this evening.

Pro-life TDs Mattie McGrath and Danny Healy Rae called a number of votes in an effort to stall the legislation.

In the end it passed all stages by a comfortable majority.

The bill goes to the Seanad for debate next week.

It means the government's on course with its plan to hold a vote on repealing the 8th amendment in early May.

Labour leader Brendan Howlin has appealed for reasoned debate across the country during the referendum campaign.

"This is a very, very serious issue - people have very strong view in relation to it.

"Those views can be expressed in a civilised way and I hope people will focus on the facts - I hope there won't be dis-information or wrong information.

"And that people will make their mids up on the legislative framework for a modern Republic, fully informed by the opinions of everybody who wishes to express a view".