A draft bill will out the question that may be asked to people

The wording of the abortion referendum will be considered by the cabinet this morning.

They'll examine a draft referendum bill being brought by the Minister for Health which sets out the question that may be asked to people in a referendum

It will likely ask if people wish to repeal the 8th amendment and allow the Oireachtas to provide for the termination of pregnancy in accordance with law.

Ministers will consider this first draft of the bill this morning, before making a final decision in 2 weeks time.

After that cabinet meeting on March 6th we should know what the exact question will be, and have a clearer guide on what proposed new abortion legislation would be if the 8th amendment is repealed.

The government plans to publish a policy paper outlining their intentions at the same time as the final referendum bill.

It will be in line with the Oireachtas Committee recommendations of abortion without restriction for up to 12 weeks, and provisions for fatal foetal abnormality and risk to the mother's health.

A spokesperson for the government says they're on still on target to hold a referendum in late May.