Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding deny the charges

A woman who claims she was raped by Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding has denied engaging in group sex by her own choice.

The Ireland and Ulster rugby players have pleaded not guilty to raping the student at Jackson’s home in Belfast in June 2016.

The white trousers and black sequined string top worn by the woman on the night in question was also shown to the jurors today.

Our Courts Correspondent Frank Greaney reports from Belfast:

She claims she was first raped by Paddy Jackson in his room after going back to a party at his house in the early hours of June 28th 2016 and that Stuart Olding then entered and forced her to perform oral sex on him.

Mr Kelly put it to her that she was in an “intoxicated and excited state” and that she, “by her own choice” engaged in sexual activity and "further, no doubt unplanned, engaged in group sex”.

She denied that was the case and said it happened against her will. “I was raped” she said and “I don’t know how I can make myself any clearer”.

She denied lying to her friends about what happened for fear that the rumour or pictures would get out. She described that account as “entirely twisted”.

Mr Kelly’s cross-examination has now ended and the other defence teams are now been given opportunity to question her.