Most couples will spend €180 in a single night

We've got some bad news ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend.

It turns out Ireland is the third most expensive country in the EU for a night out.

New stats show a typical night for an average couple in Ireland costs around €180.

So what makes up this figure?

Well, according to One Big Switch dinner at a mid-range restaurant will set you back €60, a baby sitter for the night will cost around €53, €30 will be spent on drinks while the rest of your change will be spent transport and a chipper.

That money could get you a return ticket to Berlin this weekend, 4 month gym membership or 2 tickets to Ireland’s game against New Zealand next month.

The only EU countries to lose to Ireland were the Netherlands (€220) and Denmark (€202).

The analysis was sparked by a dispute between One Big Switch staff.

Do you agree with this? Where does your money go on a night out?