It says some people have difficulty coping with the come down

The Ana Liffey Drug Project says it will be on hand to help those who take drugs at Electric Picnic.

The support group is urging festival-goers not to avoid seeking medical help over fears they could get into trouble with the law.

Volunteers will be patrolling the camp sites again this year to spot anyone experiencing the negative effect of drugs.

Head of Services, Dawn Russell, says people who are coming down can feel suicidal:

"That's a very vulnerable time for people, especially in a festival setting where you don't have your home comforts, you don't have people really around you you can talk to. So some people can feel quite low, some can even feel suicidal after taking a lot of drugs the night before so our staff are intervening with them around their wellbeing and mental health alongside our partners the Samaritans who will also be there."