The surge is being linked to the improving economy

The number of assaults in Ireland is on the rise.

2017 saw the highest increase in almost 10 years and it's being to be linked to the improving economy.

Figures from the gardaí show most assaults are carried out by young men, at the weekend and close to public places.

Last year saw the highest number of assaults since 2008 - 75% were classed as minor.

Assaults this year are on par to match 2017's figures.

Gardaí have been increasing patrols in hotpots where many fights occur.

They're also re-introducing their public awareness campaign called 'Use Your Brain Not Your Fists'.

It's letting young men and women know they could lose their job, ability to travel and even go to jail if they hit someone.

And it's also reminding people assaults can have devastating physical and mental effects on victims.