It happened on a bridge connecting two islands

At least 6 people have been killed in a train accident on a bridge connecting two main islands in Denmark.

This tragic accident happened at around 8 o'clock this morning on the Storebaelt Bridge which joins Denmark's two most populated islands Zealand and Funen.

It's thought a passenger train had to brake suddenly after it was hit by a tarpaulin on a freight train travelling in the opposite direction.

6 people were killed and 16 people have been injured in the crash.

The passenger train was heading towards the capital of Copenhagen - having departed from the city of Odense.

A severe storm was making it difficult for emergency services to reach the passenger train,

But an emergency centre has been set up in the town of Nyborg at the western end of the bridge.

Authorities urging anyone who was on the train to contact relatives to let them know they are OK.