RTB has released its latest figures

The national average rent is now more than a thousand Euro a month.

The latest figures from the Residential Tenancies Board show the average price around the country is now 1-thousand-and-54-Euro.

Dublin is still the most expensive area at just over 15-hundred a month, but there's been a slow down in the rate of increase.

Rents across the country grew by 6.4 per cent in the last 3 months of 2017 but Rosalind Carroll of the RTB, says it's headed in the right direction, 'we would have looked at a growth rate of  8% in the previous quarter. While we still see affordability issues we do want to see a dampening of the growth levels'.


In the Dail Sinn Fein Leader Mary Lou Mc Donald described the latest figures as 'scandalous'