The US president will visit here in November

A giant Trump balloon is set to fly over Ireland for the US president's visit in November.

Organisers say they want to join the protests planned against Donald Trump's visit here.

The White House said the US president is visiting "to renew the deep and historic ties between our two nations".

The news has prompted a number of political parties to express their opposition to the trip.

While British campaigners behind the baby balloon said the Irish trip was "an excellent opportunity".

Speaking to the UK Independent, organiser Kevin Smith said: "We'd love to take the Trump baby over to Ireland for the president's visit.

CG image of the 'Trump baby' balloon over the House of Commons in London | Image:

"When we passed our original crowd-funding target, we said we'd use the excess money to take the Trump baby wherever we could to globally troll Donald, and so this would be an excellent opportunity.

"We've been so inspired by all the people in the streets in Ireland that have been fighting for things like gay marriage and abortion rights, so we're presuming there's going to be a massive show of resistance to Trump's politics of hate and division and it would be an honour for the Trump baby to be part of that."

A crowdfunding campaign in support of the project raised some €19,000 - more than 20 times the amount organisers were looking for to fund the project.