The team won't be kicked out of the Leinster Senior League

Ballybrack FC has been sanctioned but won't be kicked out of the league for faking the death of one of its players.

The club claimed Fernando La Fuente had died in a car crash to get a match postponed.

However, it later emerged he had not in fact died - with Fernando, who's now working in Galway, confirming he was 'alive and kicking'.

Ballybrack club officials have now met with the Leinster Senior League over the incident.

The league says Ballybrack and the individual involved brought the game into disrepute, and have been sanctioned.

The statement adds: "Ballybrack FC officials admitted to not grasping the full impact of the incident, where they failed to fulfill a fixture against Arklow Town FC, and they apologised for their part in that."

However, the club hasn't been kicked out of the league.