The trial resumed today with the continued cross-examination of the detective

Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding’s rape trial has heard Mr Olding told police the woman “consensually” performed a sex act on him.

The Ireland and Ulster rugby players deny raping the woman at a party at Jackson’s home in south Belfast in June 2016.

The trial, now in its fourth week, resumed today with the continued cross-examination of the DC who interviewed Stuart Olding following his arrest two days after the alleged attack.

This is the same detective who took a witness statement from a woman who walked into Paddy Jackson’s bedroom and told her friend she had just seen a “threesome”.

The complainant claims Mr Olding forced her to perform oral sex on him. He told police it was consensual.

He said it lasted for five minutes and he left the room afterwards. At one point, he claimed, she asked him and Jackson to go get condoms.

He also told police she took her own top off. Earlier in the trial, she said she was ordered to take it off, but she couldn't remember who told her to.

Mr Olding also told police he was wearing a navy shirt, black jeans, black boxers and brown shoes on the night in question, but the court heard the clothes weren't retrieved when police searched his house.