ASAI says it will name and shame misleading bloggers

Bloggers are being warned they'll be named and shamed if they mislead their followers.

The social media influencers are being warned they need to be clearer about when content is paid for.

The Advertising Standards Authority says any online content paid for by brands has to be disclosed to consumers.

The ASAI is hosting an "educate and inform" event at Facebook's headquarters in Dublin today involving over 100 agencies, brands and bloggers.

Under ASAI rules, any sponsored post must come with a hashtag (#AD #SPON) indicating that the content has been paid for.

It comes as a number of anonymous Instagram accounts have been set up to 'call out' disingenuous bloggers who they claim aren't being honest with their followers.

CEO of the ASAI Orla Twomey says: 'there's nothing wrong with a brand and blogger working together to co-create content, it's just that we think that consumers should know when they're being advertised to. We just want to make sure that everyone is crystal clear about what they need to do and when they need to do it.