EU's Donald Tusk has said the EU is prepared to offer a 'Canada+++' deal

The EU is prepared to offer the UK an alternative to the British Prime Minister's current Brexit proposals - a proposal which Boris Johnson's calling a "superb way forward".

The former British foreign secretary, and many other Tory Brexiteers, support a Canada-style free trade agreement.

European Council President Donald Tusk yesterday suggested it could still be a solution.

Following a meeting with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar yesterday, Mr Tusk said: "From the very beginning, the EU offer has been not just a Canada deal, but a Canada+++ deal.

"Much further-reaching on trade, on internal security and on foreign policy cooperation. This is a true measure of respect. And this offer remains in place."

However, it's still not clear how this idea would avoid a hard border in Northern Ireland.

Boris Johnson claimed: "The first step to achieving a mutually beneficial SuperCanada deal is the removal of the Irish backstop so there is no threat to the Union whatsoever."

The backstop to avoid a hard border has been a non-negotiable pledge for the EU and Ireland.

Leo Varadkar is not sure what final form a 'Canada-style' deal would take.

He said: "If we do negotiate a Canada +++... minus... asterisk... whatever.... it's going to take the transition period to negotiate that agreement.

"There is a possibility that an agreement of that nature - which would be unique - would take more than the transition period to do."

Theresa May has repeatedly ruled out a Canada-style deal, instead continuing to insist that her 'Chequers' proposals are the way forward.