Theresa May says failure to support her plans could lead to a 'no-deal' scenario with the EU

The British Prime Minister is warning Conservative MPs there is no alternative to her plans for Brexit.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday - Theresa May says failure to support them could lead to a 'no-deal' scenario with the EU.

The prime minister says threatened revolts by MPs risked undermining any chances of a deal with Brussels.

Some long-standing Leave campaigners are unhappy with Theresa May's White Paper which proposes a common rulebook with the EU for traded goods.

Her comments come as a new poll now puts UK Labour five points ahead of the Conservatives.

Party leader Jeremy Corbyn says his party is prepared to step-in.

"We're absolutely ready for a general election. We will assert our principles; jobs, living standards, hope for people in this country.

We're a party who unites people however they voted in the referendum."

Speaking on the BBC's The Andrew Marr Show Theresa May said it's her "job as Prime Minister to deliver Brexit".

Speaking to the BBC's Andrew Marr she said she understands people feel strongly about leaving the EU.

The British Prime Minister denies her former Brexit secretary David Davis was 'cut out' of talks about the common rulebook put forward in her white paper outlining how the UK would trade with the EU in the future.

She also  said they have a commitment to Northern Ireland and there will be no hard border.