World cup fans and summer BBQ's put increased demand on stock as European crisis continues

Some companies could run out of beer and fizzy drinks over the coming days.

The World Cup and current warm spell is putting increasing demand on suppliers for chilled carbonated drinks.

The CO2 shortage is down to problems at production facilities in Northern Europe, some of which have shut down for routine maintenance works.

Drinks and meat production and packing companies here and across the rest of Europe are being affected.

Food Drink Ireland Director Paul Kelly says companies will need to manage their existing stock carefully until July:

"Companies still have supplies but obviously they have concerns about the continuation of supplies and they're taking active steps.

It would affect a number of different sectors across the wider food industry including beverages, meat production, meat packing and so on."

Mr Kelly says the issue should be resolved by the start of July;

"A lot of these companies have alternative products, but I think if this shortage comtinues there may be an impact on choice.

Obviously there'll always be alternative products available but in the meantime companies are trying to secure continuous supplies of CO2."

This shopper in the UK has already noticed the problem in his local supermarket ahead of England's World Cup clash with Panama: