Waiting times to get a divorce could be about to change

Cabinet Ministers have considered proposals for a referendum on divorce.

Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan briefed his cabinet colleagues on potential changes to the waiting time required.

Minister Josepha Madgian had previously brought forward a bill that would cut the waiting time for a divorce from 4 years to 2.

In order for that to happen a referendum would need to be held.

A number of options for how that referendum could be worded were discussed by Ministers this morning.

They included reducing the waiting period from 4 years to 2, or removing it altogether.

The Justice Minister is going to consult with the opposition this week on what path forward they would support.

Minister Charlie Flanagan hopes to bring a formal memo to cabinet in January for approval.

It's hoped that the referendum on divorce could take place in May.

That would coincide with the local and European elections.

However a number of other votes may take place at that time - including referendums on a woman's place in the home and extending the right to vote in Presidential elections to the diaspora.