A contingency plan was published in December

Cabinet will today be updated on the progress of contingency plans in place in the event of a 'no deal' Brexit.

Planning for the outcome was prioritised following a previous meeting of the Cabinet in December.

Two weeks ago the government announced in their contingency plan that they were prioritising planning for a 'no deal' scenario.

In the document, which ran to 130 pages, they said that a no deal Brexit would be highly disruptive and would have profound political, economic and legal implications for Ireland.

Since then, the government says that preparations have been intensifying across various departments and agencies.

So far 3 thousand people have applied for the 6 hundred customs officer posts - a No Deal scenario would mean that these positions will need to be filled more quickly.

Later today, the cabinet will be briefed how plans are progressing, the key junctures of the weeks ahead and work underway on the necessary pieces of no deal legislation.