He will tomorrow visit homes in Tipperary that he says were recently refused by Travellers

Presidential candidate Peter Casey will tomorrow visit a Tipperary housing development he says members of the Travelling community refused "because they want stables."

This evening, a spokesperson for the 61-year-old said he will not be making a statement amid calls for him to withdraw from the presidential race over comments he made about the Travelling community. 

Speaking to the Indepedent.ie's podcast 'The Floating Voter' he said travellers should not be recognised as an ethnic minority.

He also said that the travelling community don't pay their fare share of taxes and are living outside of society.

Peter Casey made the comments while speaking to Kevin Doyle:

Traveller advocacy groups and Casey's fellow candidates have all condemned the comments.

The Irish Traveller movement says it's a new low for high office while Martin Collins from Pavee Point says the comments are dangerous and disturing.

Collins is calling on Casey to withdraw from the Presidential race as a result: