Campaigners react to a landslide result

The Taoiseach's called today's apparent landslide vote 'a quiet revolution', that will see the 8th amendment repealed.

There were early celebrations for yes campaigners as the result seemed clear.

It was a day of emotion for both sides with the Health Minister Simon Harris saying "women were told under the 8th amendment women in crisis pregnancy were told take the plane or take the boat, today we tell them take our hand".

It was clear from early on that the No vote had not materialised.

Just an hour after boxes opened Love Both campaigners have left the Meath East count centre. One woman in tears #8thref

 The LoveBoth campaign however said the predictions "paint a bleak picture," paving the way for "abortion on demand."

Spokesperson Dr Ruth Cullen said: “We are immensely proud and grateful to all our volunteers throughout the country who worked tirelessly over recent months to ensure unborn babies would not be deprived of legal protections.

"Regardless of what happens today the campaign to protect unborn babies will endure,” she said.

Donegal was the only part of the country leaning towards a No vote.

LoveBoth communications director John McGuirk said the unborn right to life exists “independent of what a majority says.”

He went on to concede that: “with a result of that magnitude, clearly there was very little to be done.”

But for Yes Campaigners there was celebration.