Rallies are being held in Cork and Dublin

Protests are being planned in Cork and Dublin today, in response to the fall-out from the Cervical Check Scandal.

In Dublin, a group of concerned women called Protest Cervical Check will meet outside the Dail at noon - after setting up social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

In Cork, a march is taking place at 3pm from Bishop Lucey Park - with the organisers urging marchers to wear bright pink.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says the Government has been taken unprepared by the controversy and have been grappling to deal with it.

"When it comes to a lot of issues, whether it's Brexit or the the Budget, or even Storm Ophelia or Storm Emma, we know those things were coming and we were able to prepare for them.

This is very different, as a Government we were often only finding out facts at the same time as the media or the opposition were, so we weren't able to respond to it in the way that we might have like to have.

So, I understand the dissatisfaction that a lot of people feel around that."