Tony O'Brien said the way the HSE handled the screening controversy was a "trainwreck"

The former HSE boss Tony O'Brien has been heavily criticised by some victims of the Cervical Check scandal.

Mr O'Brien resigned from his position as HSE Director General in the wake of the screening controversy earlier this year.

In an interview published yesterday Mr. O'Brien labelled the way the HSE handled the screening controversy as a "trainwreck".

Meanwhile, the former boss also accused Health Minister Simon Harris of being "weak" and behaving like a "frightened little boy" during the scandal.

Stephen Teap, whose wife Irene died from cervical cancer after being misdiagnosed, also thinks Tony O'Brien should take more responsibility saying "I thought it was quite a bitter interview. Throughout the whole interview I felt that it was deflecting from his own leadership skills and just blaming everything else and everyone else around him."