A Government report shows pedestrians are the main cause of litter

Cigarettes are the worst source of littering on the country's streets.

The 2017 National Litter Pollution Report shows they account for over half - 56% - of litter in our towns and communities.

Packaging items such as cardboard, paper, bottles and caps, glass and cans account for 17% of litter.

Food such as chewing gum, meanwhile, is the third most common litter source.

Pedestrians are the main cause of litter at 42%, followed by passing motorists at 19%.

Environment Minister Denis Naughten says fines will be increased to clampdown on the problem of litter.

He explained: "Cigarette butts are still a continuing form of litter that needs to be addressed.

"Because of that now we're going to increase the on-the-spot litter fine from €150 to €250 for someone caught throwing litter on the ground."

He added: "We need to focus our efforts to maintain the improving standards being achieved across the country."