All three pubs in Drumconrath have agreed to close

A small village in County Meath will be staying dry this Good Friday, despite the ban being lifted.

All three pubs in Drumconrath have agreed to remain closed, even though, for the first time in 90 years, they are legally allowed to sell alcohol on the holy day.

Legislation passed in the Dáil in January this year, amending the Intoxicating Liquor Act and ending the ban on the sale of alcohol on Good Friday.

The law had been in place in Ireland since 1927.

Dermot Muldoon, owner of Muldoons bar in the town says the local parish priest helped them come to the decision, 'The change didn't suit us really. I had a cup of tea with our local parish priest and he said well maybe we'll get together and have a chat, and we had a chat and the three pubs decided to close. It's a very special day in Drumconrath'.

Pauline Fay of Fay's bar says Good Friday is a day that she spends with her family and that this year won't be any different, 'We spend quality time together as a family and that's a very precious thing to me, it's just one day'.